ARTA PROJEKTIRANJE was founded in 1994 by renowned architect Amira Čaušević. Our architectural design process is uniquely tailored to ensure that the experience of building or renovating your existing space fulfills your dreams, culminating in results that thrill you.

By choosing ARTA PROJEKTIRANJE you have selected the right architectural firm to deliver your dream space. Your ideas, wants, needs and vision, coupled with our knowledge, creativity and expertise will merge, resulting in a successful outcome and a memorable experience along the way.

Amira Čaušević, mag. ing. arch


  • Graduate of the Faculty of Architecture, the University of Zagreb
  • Licensed Architect - Croatian Chamber of Architects 
  • Freelance Artist - Croatian Freelance Artists' Association    


  • Founded Architecture Design Firm ARTA PROJEKTIRANJE in 1994
  • Over 30 years of designing homes, apartments and commercial spaces
  • Spans the entire process, from design and presentations, production drawings and contract documents, to site and project management
  • Amira with her team is the author of a number projects realized interior family houses and villas, residential buildings, business premises, and tourist facilities in Croatia and abroad


Amira takes the time to listen to her clients and understand their needs, wants, vision and dreams. All projects at ARTA PROJEKTIRANJE are designed and managed by Amira. 

Amira loves what she does. She loves working with people. She loves helping them find design solutions that better accommodate their ever lifestyle and will adapt as their needs change.


Amira and her team offer a fully customized service covering:

  • Custom Design and construction and/or remodeling for the public and private sectors 
  • Reconstruction and repurposing of heritage-valued buildings 
  • Complete furnishing, including design and commissioning of custom-made decor and fittings. 



Saša Košutić mag. ing. arch.

Suzana Banek Pisk mag. ing. arch.

Dragutin Dolovčak bacc. ing. aedif. 

Vlatka Marković mag. ing. arch.

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Jasmina Čaušević, procurator